If a man owns a little property, that  property is him, it’s part of him, and it’s like him. If he owns property only so he can walk on it and handle it and be sad when it isn’t doing well, and feel fine when the rain falls on it, that property is him, and some way he’s bigger because he owns it. Even if he isn’t successful he’s big with his property. That is so.”

But let a man get property he doesn’t see, or can’t take time to get his fingers in, or can’t be there to walk on it—why, then the property is the man. He can’t do what he wants, he can’t think what he wants. The property is the man, stronger than he is. And he is small, not big. Only his possessions are big—and he’s the servant of his property.

J. Steinbeck, The Grapes of wrath.

The Seasons

The fate of the agricultural process is in the hands of the passing of the seasons. They influence and determine the quantity and quality of the production: by influencing the grape, they therefore condition the wine itself. Our goal is to make the most of the unique characteristics that each year the passing seasons give to our grapes, offering a selection of wines rich in those nuances which, thanks to the unique evolutions that the seasons provide, are gifts from nature herself.