We produce wine with the intention of offering a resource (not a product) that is healthy, pleasant and with high levels of drinkability. We are convinced that craftsmanship, in every field of work, is now the winning weapon in a world where the industrial model has shown its limits, if not its failure.
Today it is the craftsmen who should teach us to how to live, those who through their experience, knowledge and tradition, through their culture to use a single word, are able to offer something unique.
We know that this will not be easy and will maybe cause us to make a few mistakes. But we far prefer confronting ourselves with nature than with the discoveries in agricultural and enological technology, and for this reason the symbols of the seasons are our distinguishing hallmark; a hallmark that according to the trend of our previous seasons’ harvest, we put on the labels of all our wines.

Parete della cantina con logo con simboli delle stagioni

We do not want to abandon the recognisability of the wine itself, but neither we do not want to be guided by the wine / product / status symbol, given that we only recognize true value as the result of the confrontation between man and nature, and not between man and technological advances.
We also want the recognition of our wines to have a territorial response; we are situated in the Marche region on the northern shore of the river Esino, where territorial and climatic conditions offer our wines particular features that we try to maintain and pass on to those who drink them.

We have been working both in the vineyard and in the winery following biological/organic farming since 2012. With the start of the 2016 season, after following a course with NicolĂ  Joly and Stefano Bellotti, we have also begun to use Biodynamic preparations.

The fate of the agricultural process is in the hands of the passing of the seasons. They influence and determine the quantity and quality of the production: by influencing the grape, they therefore condition the wine itself.
Our goal is to make the most of the unique characteristics that each year the passing seasons give to our grapes, offering a selection of wines rich in those nuances which, thanks to the unique evolutions that the seasons provide, are gifts from nature herself.

Respect and importance of the seasons

The different vegetative phases of the vine, starting from flowering to ripening and passing through the veraison phase, are strongly influenced by the climatic trend of the seasons preceding the harvest.
For this reason, our labels show the seasons with graphic symbols that indicate their progress during the vintage preceding the harvest.
This seasonal trend, and the influence it has on the vine and its fruits, determine both our work, in the countryside as in the cellar, and the variability of the characteristics that we will find in our wine in the glass: color, alcohol content, intensity of taste, olfactory, finesse and persistence to drink.
However, some aspects of the production process are common to all vintages. Among these, in the cellar, the most important are the fermentations with spontaneous yeasts of all wines and the low use of sulphites (three of our seven labels have no added sulphites).